It might sound simple, but many organizations struggle to deliver the optimal candidate experience.

A good way to remedy this is to listen to experts who know what success looks like. For this webinar, Cielo experts Will Innes and Kumar Bhaya were joined by Nikhilesh Mathur, Head of Talent Acquisition-Asia Pacific/APAC Region HR Oversight at Moody's and Sara Ho, Group Head of Human Resources at Jebsen, who shared examples of how to overcome obstacles and take candidate experience to the next level.

The four panelists also explored what is trending in the region so that you take away both inspirational and practical ideas that you can implement in your organization.

You will hear more about how to:

  • Create an "experience," not a "process"
  • Simplify your vision
  • Map the candidate journey
  • And more!

Whatever obstacle your organization is facing, this discussion will give you ways to overcome them.

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