In this webinar replay, in association with HR Grapevine, Sally Hunter, EVP Cielo discusses that whilst many organisations are trying to ensure that they simply hire diverse talent, most are not taking full advantage of how widening your search criteria can in fact boost your talent. Even in this current climate with increasing unemployment, in-demand talent is still at an all-time low.

Some of the best candidates get overlooked or side-lined because of recruiting biases during the recruitment process. Whilst some candidates don’t even apply to roles in the first place. So why is this?

From neurodiversity through to career returners, Sally explores how adopting an overall inclusive recruitment strategy can tackle today’s ever-increasing talent shortage. And ensure that they stay.

Four things you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • Diversity and why it matters
  • How the Tech Talent Sector can help show us how to build diverse solutions
  • How to create an environment where all talent can thrive
  • Three key actions you can take away and implement today

Watch the webinar to learn how the desire for and sourcing of diverse talent results in employees feeling valued and contributing to improved business outcomes.

Webinar Recording: Today's Best Kept Secret to Boost Your Talent



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