In brief

Grifols, a leading manufacturer of plasma-derived medicines, needed urgent help with recruitment. Cielo stepped in to support the highly time-sensitive niche hiring challenge, providing bespoke talent acquisition (TA) resources:

  • ~5,000 annual hires across more than 300 locations
  • Decreased onboarding times with consistent, unified process across regions and business units
  • Flexibility and reliability to meet fluctuating, time-pressured hiring deadlines


Grifols is a leading global healthcare operator specializing in plasma-derived medicines. Cielo provides end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services for Grifols across the United States and Canada. Throughout the partnership, Cielo has supported Grifols with a range of strategic talent acquisition support – from migration to a new technology stack to candidate coordination and onboarding – empowering Grifols to meet its talent goals and create better talent experiences for all.


A race against time

In the fast-paced world of medicine production, every second counts. Nowhere is this more evident than plasma-derived medicines. These therapeutics rely on a fractionation process – performed by skilled professionals – to separate crucial proteins. Any unexpected demand can quickly put pressure on the workforce and rapidly lead to delays.

Grifols faced this exact dilemma. An unprecedented surge in demand created a bottleneck in production. With the fractionation team operating at full capacity, Grifols needed to scale its production team, fast.

“Our partnership with Cielo has been invaluable, providing us with expert support in technology implementation, candidate sourcing, onboarding and more, enabling us to successfully make 5,000 annual hires for business-critical niche talent.” – Ernesto Pla, Vice President Corporate Training and Organization, Grifols



TA Optimizers: Specialized services to support client-specific challenges

Recognizing the urgency of Grifols’ situation, Cielo deployed its scalable and modular TA Optimizers™ to meet the challenges head-on. This solution allowed the company to improve the talent acquisition process where it was needed the most: interview coordination and preboarding.

Grifols immediately benefited from Cielo's streamlined technology and experienced delivery team, offering front and backend care for coordinating candidate interviews alongside comprehensive preboarding support. With TA Optimizers, the company specifically addressed surges in high-volume hiring demand while improving candidate and hiring manager experiences.

Fresh technology to optimize talent processes

As Grifols evolved its HR technology stack, Cielo supported the transition to a newer version of SuccessFactors, a workforce management platform. Cielo guided ongoing integration and customizations, including bots to automate repetitive but critical tasks. This allowed the TA team to focus on the consultative aspect of TA, streamlining and optimizing operations across the entire organization. For example, candidate throughput time decreased by several days, improving hiring experiences for everyone involved in the hiring process.


Cielo’s results-focused, time-sensitive hiring and flexible support enable Grifols to confidently navigate the complex plasma industry. With reliable staffing, Grifols can ensure a steady supply of life-saving treatments while maximizing operational effectiveness and employee experience.

Glowing results of the partnership include:

  • Over 5,000 annual line staff hires in plasma-related positions across more than 300 plasma collection locations in the United States and Canada
  • Seamless onboarding of critical medical staff roles, around 1,700 new hires annually
  • Rapid 14-day onboarding process for in-line hires, an improvement from 20 days