Social and economic conditions have driven companies to reassess how to retain their current workforce and attract the next generation of talent. Building thoughtful diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs that align with broader talent strategy, encouraging internal mobility, and engaging early talent with business-critical skills are emerging as key strategies to consider. Moving forward, TA will play a leading role in advocating for and implementing these initiatives at their organizations.

Jacquese Brown, Senior Leader for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs at Cielo provides a brief look at our latest report and why these strategies are growing in use at leading organizations.

In fact, 58% of HR and TA leaders say that forming an official leadership committee to review DEI at their organization is a key initiative in 2021. To help leaders benchmark their practices and take action, Cielo and WBR Insights present “The next evolution of talent acquisition strategies: How to incorporate DEI, internal mobility, and early talent into your TA program​.”

Based on a survey of HR and TA leaders in North America across several key industries, this report uncovers how teams today are elevating the TA function by embracing creative new talent strategies, as well as the tactics they’re using to effectively implement change across their organizations and drive results.

The report also offers key suggestions for:

  • Evaluating your organization’s HR & TA practices against peers
  • Focusing your DEI efforts on employee engagement and transforming your company culture
  • Improving internal recruitment processes with personalized employee experiences
  • Developing career paths and upskilling programs for early talent

The time to rethink TA is now. Download our report to build the business case for bold new frameworks that move your organization forward.