By Sally Hunter
Executive Vice President

Organisations across every industry face enormous challenges when it comes to winning top talent. Currently, those who are able to do this fast and efficiently, gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partners are experts in helping companies to achieve this advantage by transforming the talent acquisition function.  

These organisations may invest in RPO solutions for many reasons. They may have critical positions that are not being filled, unsatisfactory talent that is dragging down their performance or hiring agency costs that are simply unsustainable.  

In a recent chat with The Global Recruiter, Sally Hunter, Executive Vice President for EMEA Client Services at Cielo, shared her advice on why recruitment agencies should be more interested in RPO.  

Sally explained that recruitment agencies should embrace the partnership with an RPO that is delivering a TA function, as they truly understand what it takes to be successful in this field.  

According to Sally, this level of understanding means that RPO will have predictable demands, high quality briefings with access to hiring managers and fast processes. This also means that recruitment agencies can relax knowing they will be paid on time.  

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