In an article for HR Digital Today, a leading HR tech hub and news portal for HR decision makers, Matt Jones, Senior Vice-President Operations, highlights how and why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) are technologies that are witnessing increasing relevance and adoption within the talent acquisition sector.   

RPA has grown exponentially in the last year, largely due to the pandemic. A Deloitte study published late last year highlighted that 73 percent of organisations worldwide are now using automation technologies, a stark rise from the reported 48 per cent in 2019. RPA and its potential applications in HR and TA are incredibly exciting, particularly when merged with AI and machine learning. 

Similarly, the future for Intelligent Automation is bright - IA, RPA and machine learning will align so that more processes can be automated. From a talent acquisition perspective, candidate vetting, and resume scanning will likely become more sophisticated to tackle issues associated with recruitment bias. 

The future of recruitment will move away from the current state of labour-intensive tasks that degrades user experience, challenges compliance and prevents predictability in the recruitment process, and evolves into a method that improves candidate experience and streamlines the talent acquisition process because of technologies such as RPA and IA. Read the full article here.


With billions of dollars spent on HR technology solutions there is no denying that tech is considered as ‘critical’ by the sector. But what aspects of technology make it so important, and what are the benefits of technology adoption for talent acquisit...

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