In an interview for People Matters, a leading HR publication that covers HR news across Southeast Asia, Matt Jones, Senior Vice President Operations, highlights how HR tech is becoming work tech, and is now catering to the needs of other departments.

As the technology landscape matures, the tools available to the enterprise focus more on driving performance and user experience. Rather than just completing a task or function, the route is opening up for a shift to workplace tools and platforms that connect multiple departments' needs. There has also been a rise in enterprise-wide communication channels that have applications in HR and TA – for example, programmes like Slack and Microsoft Teams offer an informal way to exchange information, provide resources, and answer questions quickly, if needed.

Matt emphasises that we should also consider the other two legs of the HR stool – people and process. Technology alone will not solve anything, so as we implement it, we must consider how the three prongs work together and produce the most desirable outcomes.

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With billions of dollars spent on HR technology solutions there is no denying that tech is considered as ‘critical’ by the sector. But what aspects of technology make it so important, and what are the benefits of technology adoption for talent acquisit...

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