During the candidate screening process, assessments create efficiencies and provide key insights to recruiters and hiring managers, giving them more time to focus on finding the most qualified talent. Today’s video assessment technology makes it easier to engage with candidates virtually and ensures a seamless hiring process from application, to assessment to offer. These interactive tools give an authentic, holistic view of both a candidate’s abilities and cultural fit that can lead to improved quality of hire, job satisfaction and ultimately reduced turnover. Furthermore, a streamlined video assessment can improve the candidate experience through real-time support, automated scheduling reminders and increased clarity on the role for which they applied.

To help recruitment leaders realize the wide variety of video assessments available, the proficiencies they test, and the leading vendors in the marketplace who offer them, we present our Video Assessment Technology Capability Guide. This guide will help you better understand:

  • Common assessments solution capability clusters and the skills they evaluate
  • An overview of the capabilities offered by leading video assessment vendors
  • Important steps teams should take when choosing an assessment technology solution

Download this guide to help your company make an informed decision about which vendor and solution best meets your hiring needs.