As a talent leader, it’s essential for you to form a strong alliance with your hiring managers. Otherwise, the only thing your talent acquisition team will experience is a slow, misaligned process that is bad for your internal stakeholders and worse for your candidates.

Involving hiring managers early in the process can ensure that your most critical stakeholders are also your most effective and enthusiastic recruitment partners.

In this webinar replay, you will learn proven tactics on how to improve your hiring manager relationship, starting at the job scope call and continuing through onboarding. Anne Bucher, Senior Vice President of Global Client Experience, and Jodi Santos, a Senior Recruiter, share insights from their own experiences over the years building hiring manager alignment and satisfaction.

Download this webinar replay to:

  • Understand the positive business impact of alignment among recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Learn important steps to implement at each stage in the hiring process.
  • Build a system for measuring and reporting program improvements.