As the Life Sciences industry undergoes dramatic shifts caused by globalization, mergers and acquisitions, technology and other factors, talent has emerged as a top priority in maintaining stability and success. This bore out in recent research we did, where 87% of more than 700 global leaders surveyed ranked the consistent delivery of quality hires as their number one goal.

For our webinar, “Life Sciences Recruitment Best Practices,” I spoke with two women who deal with talent acquisition challenges in Life Sciences on a daily basis to get their insights. Corry Ioli, Executive Director of Talent, Learning and Leadership Development at Boehringer Ingelheim, and Daniella Gigante, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition and Allergan, engaged in a spirited, illuminating discussion about how their organizations have sought to adjust their approaches to talent attraction and turn their recruitment into a competitive advantage.

The conversation focused on some of the key responsibilities that talent acquisition leaders are tasked with today, and sharing some best practices on how to meet these objectives. They included:

  • Strategic Talent Sourcing/Addressing a Dynamic Workforce Demand
  • Employee Value Proposition and Branding/Talent Attraction
  • Candidate Engagement/Building a unique experience
  • Leveraging Technology

Corry said that with all the choices candidates have in the marketplace, it was important to customize BI’s overall employee experience. This meant everything from incorporating texting into the recruitment process to offering a flexible work environment. Figuring out what keeps employees motivated and fulfilled has helped the organization extend its reach into both active and passive candidates.

Daniella pointed to Allergan’s efforts at strengthening its employer brand. With all the changes that come with mergers and acquisitions and other reorganizations, candidates could understandably be hesitant to join. That’s why Allergan worked to train its team to be brand ambassadors and get the right message out there. In partnering with Cielo, Allergan also has been able to make sure there was consistent branding across its various communication channels.

We covered so much more, and I encourage you to listen to the whole webinar here. It contains a wealth of great information from professionals who have been successful in overcoming some of the industry’s unique challenges.


 Post contributed by Greg Summers, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also read a case study about how a partnership between Cielo and Boehringer Ingelheim enabled the life sciences company to stay competitive.