Recently, we introduced the Cielo Talent Activation Index – our global of study of more than 750 HR and talent executives. The results of this survey proved what we knew to be true: superior talent strategy measurably impacts business performance in countless ways.

Over the past few weeks, we have shared industry-specific results from the Cielo Talent Activation Index (TAI) in separate infographics, highlighting what separates Leaders in each industry from Laggards. However, although industry-specifics are important, successful companies today can’t have blinders on or operate in silos. Much can be learned from looking at other industries.

For example, 91% of Leaders in the Consumer Brands industry are “excellent” at empowering work-life balance, compared to just 56% of Leaders in Financial Services and 59% in Advanced Manufacturing. What are Leaders in Consumer Brands doing to rise above? Why is this industry so much stronger in the area of work-life balance/integration?

To compare Leaders and Laggards across all industries, strengths and areas of opportunity, we created The Cielo Talent Activation Index eBook – a culmination of the 7 Cielo infographics. Highlights from the eBook:

Our findings from the TAI identified two groups of organizations: those achieving their top talent objectives and tying them to better business performance (Leaders), as well as those still challenged in this arena (Laggards).

  • 8 industries were surveyed, identifying and defining Leaders-Laggards in each sector: Advanced Manufacturing, Consumer Brands, Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Technology.

From the results of the survey and the Leaders in each aforementioned industry, 8 definitive talent strategies were identified as most pertinent to achieving better business performance – specifically, 8 areas Leaders excel in while Laggards are still challenged:

There are 8 definitive talent strategies that set leaders apart.

Additional highlights from the eBook:

91% of Consumer Brands Leaders are “very effective” at using data and analytics to measure workforce quality and the impact of talent strategies – the highest of all assessed industries. Comparatively:

  • 66% of Advanced Manufacturing Leaders are “very effective” in this area.
  • 58% of Technology Leaders are “very effective” in this area.
  • 48% of Healthcare Leaders are “very effective” in this area.
  • 28% of Financial Services Leaders are “very effective in this area.

90% of Life Sciences Leaders are “very satisfied” with the quality of their talent (the highest of all surveyed industries), compared to just 5% of Laggards.

76% of Advanced Manufacturing Leaders are “excellent” at empowering workers of diverse cultural backgrounds, compared to just 9% of Laggards.

Overall, 69% of industry Leaders are “very prepared” to meet the changing demands of the 2020 workforce, compared to just 7% of Laggards.

Are there successes/failures in certain industries that surprise you? Which of the 8 talent strategies do you believe most sets apart Leaders from Laggards, and can they be applied across all industries? Do you believe companies, regardless of industry, can learn from each other? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Cielo social media pages – FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn!