With billions of dollars spent on HR technology solutions there is no denying that tech is considered as ‘critical’ by the sector. But what aspects of technology make it so important, and what are the benefits of technology adoption for talent acquisition teams?

Matt Jones, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Global Operations, has shared his thoughts with totalent.eu on tech in HR and the various trends he sees in the market. Matt highlighted the significant levels of investment in HR technology and identified some of the reasons that companies are willing to spend big.

As Matt explains, whether it’s through off-premise, cloud-based solutions or the implementation of AI, the benefits of adopting tech for TA are undeniable for both candidates and their prospective employers. For example, automating certain aspects of the recruitment process can improve the candidate experience and in turn, improve employer brand perception and popularity. Conversely, access to in-depth data can result in more informed, evidence-based recruiting decisions for hiring companies.

As acquisition and retention of talent continues to be a top imperative for most C-suite executives, tech can play a significant role in attracting the best candidates which implies better performance and improved business success.

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