As a talent acquisition leader in APAC, you face real pressure to align your talent strategy with business priorities. In fact, 62% of companies in the region feel that the existing talent pool is shrinking while the competition is increasing. At the same time, HR technology continues innovating, candidate experience expectations are evolving and the importance of your employer brand and EVP is growing.

So how do you know if your organization is aligned and if you have the right talent acquisition model to stay ahead?

To gain insight into priorities, strategies and best practices, Cielo surveyed more than 1,000 HR, Procurement, Business and C-Suite leaders across the globe, as well as 200 job candidates, and created its Talent Acquisition 360 report.

Watch this webinar replay featuring Cielo talent leaders Kumar Bhaya, Vice President, Client Solutions, APAC, and Will Innes, Vice President, APAC, reviewing key insights from the report as well as learnings from events and discussions with TA leaders throughout APAC, including:

  • Everyone considers candidate experience a priority, but candidates aren’t feeling it
  • Quality of hire is the gold standard metric
  • Implementing world-class technology is not a priority for TA


Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 research identifies 16 dimensions of talent acquisition strategy exhibited by high-performing organizations. They include quality of hire, diversity and inclusion, high-volume recruitment and more.

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