Sometimes an hour is just not enough time to get all your good ideas out there. Such was the case during our recent “Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models” webinar, in which industry experts Greg Summers and Andrew Manning gave insight into what factors organizations should take into account when deciding whether to keep their Talent Acquisition function in-house or seek out a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner.

They also traced the evolution of RPO, showing how its focus and what it has to offer has changed and expanded over the years. There was so much great content, Greg and Andrew were unable to get to attendee questions live, so for everyone’s benefit, here are the questions and answers.

Do you often see B2C companies choosing to outsource Talent Acquisition?

Yes, their decision-making process is typically highly similar to that of B2B companies. However, it is more common for B2C organizations to view outsourcing as a means for proactively managing the high volume of active candidates they receive. RPO is primarily viewed as an excellent way to deliver a high-touch, consumer-like experience in the recruiting function that would mirror their consumer brand experience. Simply put, their candidates are their customers, so they rely on an RPO to be sure they are treated as such.

How does an organization choose which roles to outsource?

Oftentimes it is the result of a workforce segmentation exercise. Most companies will look to categorize the functions and positions in order of volume, complexity and impact on business performance. Many choose start by outsourcing the most complex roles as this leads to significant cost savings over agency spend, which make it the easiest business case to create. But it is also common for organizations to look at these three criteria and decide to outsource all, or all with the exception of the group that represents the smallest, most impactful roles.

Do organizations have different models regionally?

It’s always better if you can have one supplier delivering a similar service for the sake of consistency. Of course, not every RPO supplier has that capability, but fortunately at Cielo, we are able to have that scalability where we can be as large or as small as clients need us to be.

Helpful information, right? To hear the rest of the webinar, click here.