‘78.2 percent of TA leaders believe that skills shortages and gaps will be a significant issue in the future’.

Building a sustainable workforce that can meet not only current business objectives but also those of the unforeseeable future is the utopia for talent acquisition (TA). Traditionally, TA strategies have been based on rudimentary markers such as job titles, geographies and longevity in given roles. This has resulted in many companies not hitting their hiring targets as well as not achieving their business goals.

The external challenges that have had a major impact on businesses such as global economic crisis and pandemics have taught us that you can’t predict the future, but you can build a workforce that can successfully navigate you through it.

So how do you build such a workforce?

We conducted qualitative and quantitative research across EMEA and APAC involving over 300 HR and TA leaders from multi-national businesses to find out what the key challenges are and how a skills-based workforce strategy can help build a workforce for the future.

By downloading our whitepaper you'll discover useful information about the future of skills-based talent acquisition and how TA teams that adopt a skills-based model will be well equipped to overcome tomorrow’s challenges and seize future opportunities.


Discover how we worked together in partnership with our healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical clients to ensure that they could flex and scale resource according to demand, switch to a more virtually led talent acquisition strategy and could att...

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