Finding the right people for your organization is more important than ever. As the need for talent rises, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is helping businesses achieve transformational change that simply was not feasible in the past. For many, partnering with an RPO provider provides several benefits – but you might not know if it is right for you.

Be strategic in the method you use to find and recruit the best talent. The future of your organization depends on it.

Here is one way to look at it. Say you are building a house. You are an expert at all things construction, but not when it comes to installing plumbing. You could:

  1. Take the time to study plumbing best practices and install the system yourself
  2. Hire someone to teach you
  3. Have an expert take care of it for you

If you do it yourself and miss one essential step, your experiment could lead to a lot of messy issues. The expert could teach you the right methods, but not overnight. However, if you hand the job over to an expert after working together to determine your needs, you can focus on the work you do best and leave the piping to them.

This scenario is common for home builders, and it is also a good analogy for the situation HR leaders often find themselves in. End-to-end RPO (like hiring the plumbing specialist) is a fantastic solution, but not always the best fit for every company. To help you determine the right approach for your business, Cielo has created the Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models. This guide contains a comprehensive look at the benefits and drawbacks of the three most common talent acquisition models, including:

Internal Teams
If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, you can build your own internal talent acquisition team. This approach is often taken by smaller companies that make fewer yearly hiring decisions. Our guide explains the pieces that should be in place to make this an effective option, including the skillsets for success.

Hybrid RPO
This co-sourcing approach allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of RPO while maintaining in-house ownership of other elements of the process. This solution works well for location-specific, business unit-specific and/or critical position fulfillment needs.

Enterprise RPO
Partner with an expert to design and execute a holistic, seamless recruitment process customized for your organization. This approach is proven to increase new hire retention, improve compliance and increase candidate quality – among many other benefits.

The guide also explores key components of each talent acquisition model, including considerations such as technology, control, scalability and return on investment.

Be strategic in the method you use to find and recruit the best talent. The future of your organization depends on it. Download the Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models now to determine the right approach for your business.