The importance of doing hourly hiring right cannot be overstated. These workers are the backbone of your organization, often with the power to determine a customer’s experience single-handedly. Yet turnover for hourly employees is at 49%, and most employers say they struggle with hiring.

Factors like scale and competition make hourly hiring difficult, often resulting in an inefficient process that affects everyone. It is time for a new solution.

The answer is a new, more efficient approach that prioritizes High Volume and High Quality through a technology-enabled process that meets the demands of candidates, Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition Leaders. This eBook covers:

  • The unique challenge of hourly hiring
  • The pain points every organization needs to solve
  • How to prioritize high volume and high quality
  • The new technology to reimagine the process

It is time for a better hourly hiring process, and with this new approach you can hire the high-quality candidates at the speed and volume you need.