The definition of “Quality of Hire” varies from company to company and role to role.

But as Talent Acquisition leaders, we are routinely called upon to define and measure this metric for our organizations. Research from Cielo and other industry experts shows that business stakeholders value the consistent delivery of quality candidates over every other Talent Acquisition deliverable.

We know you are doing everything in your power to meet their high expectations. That is why we dove deeply into this topic to find new angles on (and clear explanations of) Quality of Hire – to give you the knowledge you need to measure with accuracy, reassure stakeholders and enhance your results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a better understanding of how to define, measure and leverage Quality of Hire for improved business outcomes.
  • Identify where your organization falls on the Quality Continuum.
  • Learn the six Quality of Hire levers you must measure and adjust to ensure you are on the best path to quality for your organization.

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