To all the exceptional healthcare HR leaders across the country, this is why we celebrate Healthcare HR Week:

Healthcare is a “People Business,” and employees will always be the most important asset in any healthcare organization. As such, HR professionals have one of the most critical roles in shaping the success of healthcare organizations.

Great hospitals have to offer outstanding customer service, world-class quality and the highest professional standards. Without the dedication and tireless efforts from HR teams, we would never reach this level of excellence.

The week of March 13-19, 2016 has been designated to recognize HR professionals in hospital and healthcare organizations across the United States. Cielo Healthcare joins leaders in this nationwide celebration of these critical members of the healthcare community.

We appreciate your efforts in advocating for our benefits and compensation plans, improving our wellness programs to make us healthier and the programs you design to keep us engaged.

  • As millennials, we appreciate working for organizations which align with our personal beliefs.
  • As mature employees, we appreciate the opportunities to mentor and grow younger generations.
  • As parents, we appreciate the ability to have a work-life balance.

We celebrate because we appreciate all you do to make your organizations the best place to work.

Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” HR teams allow each of us as healthcare providers to live a life worth living. Thank you for allowing us to serve and for serving us in the process. You deserve more than a week of celebration, but we hope you are honored in many ways this week.

Please join us in celebrating this week, and honoring the human resource teams within your organization.

Post contributed by Cielo Healthcare’s Senior Vice President, Staci Roberts. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.