Prince had expertise. 

Recently, the world lost Prince. The late musical icon was a multitalented singer, songwriter and producer who could play the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, piano and several other instruments at the highest level. He became a top-selling global artist in several distinctly different genres of music, including pop, dance, rock, funk and R&B – among other styles. What made Prince special was that he was the exception, not the rule.

Just as most musicians’ expertise is focused on one genre (or “industry”), most of Cielo’s recruiters have expertise recruiting for positions within specific industries. We’re not Prince, but in our case, that is a good thing. This razor-sharp focus allows us the ability, competence and know-how to recruit within specific industries effectively and efficiently. We can quickly understand hiring managers’ expectations, relate to and emphasize with their current or past recruitment struggles within the industry and provide consultative solutions to solve their unique recruitment needs.

Industry expertise is good.

According to the 2016 edition of Harvard Business Review’s Summer 2016 OnPoint Magazine, “No matter how sophisticated current technologies for data capture and analysis are, we are still highly dependent upon human skills in many situations, and such skills are best learned from experts.”

It’s no longer “1999.” My colleagues and I at Cielo have access to some of the best technology for recruitment – including SkyRecruit – but we also rely on our critical and creative thinking skills. Our industry expertise allows us to perform at high levels of competency. It provides us with an in-depth understanding of our client’s specific industry, allowing us to move quickly and focus our recruitment efforts on the right sources to find the best candidates efficiently and effectively. That is how we provide stellar outcomes for our hiring managers and client companies.

“All things to all people” is not a recipe for excellence.

Paul McCartney is not rapping, Jay-Z is not performing country songs, Adele is not the lead singer in a metal band, and Skrillex is not composing smooth jazz. Each of these musicians has “industry expertise” within their respective genre. McCartney knows how to write catchy rock/pop songs for multiple generations. Adele has mastered easy listening, traditional soulful-style songs. Jay-Z raps with the best of them, and Skrillex has brought a whole new level of intensity to electronic music. While these musicians may be able to write or play music in other music genres or “industries,” they each have developed a level of expertise within their sector that makes them rise above the competition.

In conclusion, industry expertise allows recruiters to best serve Cielo’s clients. Following this further, a recruitment article paying tribute to Prince would not be complete without dropping another song title of two of his. Since his untimely passing, many fans old and new have been re-introduced the “Musicology” of Prince. Discussing Prince and comparing different music genres to industry-specific recruitment provides an alternate and unique perspective for recruiters but also to potential Cielo clients. Industry expertise allows us to find our client hiring manager’s “Little Red Corvette” candidate who may become that organization’s next rock star employee.


Post contributed by Jason Torgersen, Recruiter.