In an article for Today’s Manager, a senior management magazine that offers articles on cutting-edge trends, development issues, and changes impacting management professionals, Kumar Bhaya, VP Client Solutions, shines the light on key imperatives and solutions to consider when procurement managers are considering adopting RPO solutions.

RPO is not a regular purchase for most procurement professionals, despite being an approach that many are being requested to investigate more deeply, as C-Suite leaders have grown more aware of the strategic advantage of great talent and the increasing competitiveness around obtaining it.  

Kumar explains that getting the most out of RPO can be as simple as first defining the scope of services managers want to acquire, then ensuring that HR, TA, and stakeholders have provided input so as to drive alignment. Keeping open lines of communication during the tender/bid process is also important in maintaining an efficient procurement cycle. 

By factoring in these steps, transitioning to an RPO solution can be achieved seamlessly and efficiently, while driving a better overall experience.