Financial market uncertainty, complex skill requirements and an exceptionally high demand for elite talent. Engaging and retaining the best Financial Services’ professionals calls for a proactive, strategic and long-term approach to talent management.

To authenticate and illustrate the importance of strategic talent programs, Cielo conducted a global study of more than 750 HR, talent and recruitment executives from across all industries. Our findings, presented in the Cielo Talent Activation Index, identified two groups of organizations, those achieving their strategic talent objectives and those falling behind the competition: Leaders and Laggards.

Specific to Financial Services, we found that Leaders are rising above by excelling in three particular areas. The following infographic takes a closer look at our findings in Financial Services:


The results of the Cielo Talent Activation Index validated what we knew to be true – the measurable impact of superior talent strategies on business performance is truly extraordinary. With such difficult decisions riding on these individuals and Financial Services’ talent capable of driving the business forward (or backward), how important is it to measure and quantify the impact of talent quality? Are there strategies other than those listed above you feel are vital in building an industry Leader?

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