Happy Manufacturing Day 2014! #MFGDay14 amplifies the voice of individual manufacturers and empowers professionals and companies alike to come together, address their collective challenges and help their communities and future generations thrive.

Advanced Manufacturing talent is the bedrock of many of today’s innovations. They develop new products and specify functional requirements, design and test components, and evaluate a final design’s effectiveness, cost and reliability. They apply the principals of science and mathematics to develop economic solutions to a vast array of today’s technical challenges.

Rightly so, Advanced Manufacturing talent is in exceptionally high demand, making the retention of top performers a business imperative. In this sector, “Leaders” are excelling in meeting their top strategic talent objectives, while “Laggards” (those lagging behind their competition) are still challenged.

Cielo recently conducted a global study of more than 750 HR, recruitment and talent executives to separate the Leaders from the Laggards, as well as to identify what strategies in particular are enabling industry Leaders. Our findings, presented in the Cielo Talent Activation Index, are shared in the following infographic:


In the U.S., 68% of HR professionals believe retiring Baby Boomers and the lack of STEM graduates will have a significant impact on all businesses over the next five years. Is this sector truly facing a talent shortage, or are organizations simply having difficulty finding and holding on to the complex, niche skills they need in critical roles? What are your thoughts on “the Leader Prescription”?