Sometimes you need HR tech solutions, on demand. Enter Consulting from Cielo. Our experts put you on the front edge of talent with bold strategies that move your business forward, including with:

HR Technology consulting, which helps clients with problem resolution and solution design to improve HR technology vendor selection, streamline implementation, and fine-tune technology integrations.

TA Strategy & Transformation consulting, which helps clients adapt, implement and integrate processes with technology to drive strategic impact, deliver operational excellence, manage change, and incorporate experience-centric digital platforms.


Consulting spotlight: Snapshots of success


ATS implementation for institutional telecommunications provider


  • Replacing the ATS platform that had two decades of custom configurations
  • Unrealistic expectations of the new system to handle the company’s hiring needs
  • Decentralized recruiting teams with unrelated, overly complex recruitment processes


  • Implemented the iCIMS platform for applicant tracking and recruitment
  • Reduced manual tasks and integrated comprehensive centralized reporting
  • Designed processes to optimize the impact of the iCIMS platform while meeting specific business needs
  • Assisted with the addition of 12 highly complex integrations
  • Led data migration and confirmed data integrity
  • Conducted live user acceptance testing sessions for over 100 testers, including staging the testing environment and designing scripts


  • Successfully implemented and launched the new TA tech solution platform with minimal disruption to the recruitment process
  • Ensured the new platform delivered additional functionality outside of usual iCIMS functionality
  • Contract extended to include ongoing support, improving the quality resource guide, and custom API build


Finding and implementing a new learning management system for a leading commercial services firm


  • Overly complex training processes caused by reliance on multiple third-party HR tech solutions
  • A need to support the training demands of approximately 7,000 employees supporting federal contracts
  • A wide range of training required, including compliance, HR, IT, and onboarding


  • Identified the top learning management systems (LMS) from 25+ vendors and conducting the RFP process
  • Worked alongside the client to build a list of core required functionality and desired features, all aligned with business goals and budget
  • Refined the list of potential LMS solutions systematically, resulting in an invite to participate in the RFP to six of the most suitable vendors
  • Created demo scripts and conducted demos for the three down-selected vendors.
  • Conducted reference checks for the top vendor choices


  • Led the project team in the selection of the most suitable LMS solution to improve the learning process
  • Guided the seamless integration of the new LMS, supporting the ongoing training of the client’s employees
  • Configured dynamic system rules tailored to the client’s requirements


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Rapid HR tech migration and standardized hiring for a global insurer


  • Fragmented, inefficient recruitment processes across multiple systems, tools and spreadsheets
  • Inconsistent recruiting experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • Short timeframe to complete the technology migration


  • Developed a scalable, globally aligned but locally specific technology-backed recruitment process
  • Designed a user acceptance testing strategy and led 20+ sessions to aid implementation
  • Supported change management by thoroughly documenting the process, system changes, and change impacts


  • Migrated processes to a new and improved HR tech solution platform, standardizing recruitment processes
  • Improved end-to-end hiring experiences and integrated timesaving automations
  • Provided greater visibility of candidate status, improved data analytics, and boosted candidate marketing capabilities