Investments in HR technology continue to rise rapidly, with product, merger and acquisition announcements doubling those in Q2 2021. The right technology solution offers HR and talent acquisition leaders the opportunity to create efficiencies and improve outcomes. With the speed at which developments in tech are taking place, it is important to understand where investments are made and what new products are available to properly support your business goals. HRO Today’s “Human Resources New Technology Quarterly Summary: Q3 2021,” sponsored by Cielo, can help leaders keep track of these crucial industry innovations.

This report provides an overview of the latest HR technology announcements, including major mergers and acquisitions and product releases. It also reveals pertinent information about new technologies, their optimal use cases, and the companies offering them in the human capital management technology sector. In this summary report, you will learn:

  • Essential HR technology product & funding announcements from July to September 2021
  • Key improvements & innovations in HR tech that will help you win your unfair share of talent
  • Observations to consider as you plan to invest in HR tech

Companies with the right balance of people, process and technology will be positioned to achieve both short- and long-term business goals. Check out the new technology summary to discover advancements that could add value to your HR function and help achieve overall company objectives.


The growing mismatch between employers and the unemployed has exposed the need for organizations to improve their talent acquisition strategies, including leveraging automation more effectively.

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