Whilst most organisations aren’t currently embarking on skills-based workforce planning, many have discovered that it is a future proof answer to talent shortages and are at the start of this journey. Our expert panel of talent acquisition leaders discuss what TA challenges organisations are facing and outline tactical solutions that are being planned for and implemented that will provide practical takeaways to help you as a TA/HR leader to start your own journey.

In this webinar, our TA experts – Sally Hunter, Madeleine Lüdemann and Hannah Bunt – discuss:

  • Market trends that have changed the status quo
  • Why skills-based workforce planning can be a future-proof answer to talent shortages
  • How you can embark on designing a skills-based workforce planning strategy

Watch this webinar replay to hear from these talent acquisition experts and understand how you can ensure your organisation’s TA strategy is achieving your business goals – now and in the future.