In an article for ASME, a not-for-profit Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) for Singapore, Kumar Bhaya, VP Client Solutions, demystifies the steps towards building a successful DEI&B strategy.

When it comes to talent acquisition, digital and technological advancements have propelled the industry years ahead, and the typically traditional approach taken by life sciences organisations is now pushed towards exploring ways to expand its talent pool.

Kumar shines light on how transparency and communication are crucial components of a successful DEI&B plan, and that personalised flexibility and improved work-life integration can lead to better diversity and employee well-being. Hiring a diverse group of people based on transferable and adjacent skills and capabilities will also allow for more diversified hiring when compared against hiring from a talent pool that is based on static requirements like level of education or location of study.

By taking into consideration these approaches, businesses will better reflect the community that they serve.

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