By Doug Terry
Vice President, Client Services

In a feature for Portfolio Magazine, a business and luxury lifestyle publication that engages a broad audience, which includes top professionals, thought leaders, and business owners who are tech-savvy and conversant with new technologies, Doug Terry, VP Client Services, puts the spotlight on how HR technology evolves with talent acquisition as the main goal.

The market uncertainty caused by the pandemic has led to challenges in conveying suitable employee value propositions. Subsequently, this has led to organisations seeing less applications and engagements from suitable, high-quality candidates.

Doug explains that HR technology, ranging from smart websites, next-generation CRM, to conversational AI can provide assurance to existing employees and potential hires, especially seeing as they allow candidates to access information on-demand, manage applications, and even receive process updates.

Additionally, Doug makes note of the fact that we can now serve content over multiple channels like WhatsApp, WeChat, and email - which means that organisations can constantly evaluate the effectiveness of their messaging and adjust campaigns accordingly. This translates into higher rates of converting inspired candidates into employees. The seamless integration of today’s technology into our workflow allows for a much smoother hiring process, thus allowing for long-term sustainability and business continuity.

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