Talent shortages are the norm, competition is intense, and top talent – from nurses to physicians to support staff – all have choices. Your candidate experience can be the key differentiation between talent choosing you or another hospital.

Delivering a positive candidate experience not only helps you attract the best talent, but it is those same individuals who will ultimately deliver the best care and service to your patients. Your HCAHPS scores are a direct reflection of the people you have hired to care for your community, so your hiring experience presents a massive opportunity that can be felt all the way to your bottom line.

We created this guide to walk you through the impact, both positive and negative, that candidate experience can have on your patient experience and your organization overall. Download it to learn healthcare talent strategies as well as:

  • The unique barriers the healthcare industry faces in delivering a positive candidate experience
  • How to assess your organization’s current candidate experience
  • 4 steps you can take to improve your own candidate journey

Make sure you are putting your organization in the best position to attract, engage and hire the best healthcare talent.


Cielo Healthcare is Froedtert Health’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner in the US. Learn how Cielo Healthcare helped to focus their talent acquisition strategy to meet the growing demands of their community.

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