Soaring research and development costs, evolving technologies, and changing regulatory compliance make sticking with the status quo no longer an option in the dynamic healthcare industry. One healthcare company knew it needed to transform its talent acquisition strategy to increase resources and efficiency, leverage emerging technologies, and set up the business for future success.

After carefully weighing its options to either build its talent acquisition in-house or seek an external partner, this organization determined its best path to success was a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partnership with Cielo Healthcare. Since then, Cielo’s dedicated tech-enabled RPO healthcare team has built a centralized recruiting model that supports the organization’s more than 2,600 locations and 1,800 hiring managers. Cielo has made hires for more than 10,000 roles annually, filling crucial positions such as patient services, medical technicians, and technical lab talent.

High-Tech & High-Touch Partnership 
Technology is key to this organization’s talent acquisition success, and through continuous innovation with Cielo, it is always pushing boundaries to test and integrate technology that creates a better candidate experience and improves the overall hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence Makes for Intelligent Automation 
For many of its common roles, this organization’s extensive sourcing and screening required a great deal of repetitive work. To help streamline the process, the Cielo team used its exclusive candidate relationship management (CRM) platform to source across hundreds of niche and targeted databases. Hiring managers then received a pipeline of potential candidates who matched specific criteria.

In 2016, the CRM was responsible for:

  • 30% of hires for the organization’s high-volume, business-critical roles
  • Adding more than 500,000 passive candidates into its talent pool

Candidate Experience Fosters Employee Engagement
Finding candidates more efficiently was only half of the opportunity. Employee engagement starts during the hiring process, and with more than 200,000 applicants annually, the organization sought new ways to ensure that every step in the hiring process gave candidates a positive experience.

Today’s candidates expect quick and convenient interactions, so the talent acquisition team has implemented several tools to meet and exceed those expectations.

On-Demand Interviews
Rather than use an impersonal skills assessment at the outset, candidates are welcomed by an on-demand voice interview system. This helps gather critical information – such as clarity, tone and content, which can only be deciphered by hearing a candidate speak – while avoiding the scheduling challenges that come with having to connect with each person live. Because so many of the needed roles are patient-facing, voice interviews are critical to ensuring a customer-focused culture fit. The on-demand system allows candidates to complete this step on their own time and ensures the team never misses anyone. The results speak for themselves:

  • Over 65,000 completed interviews since the technology was implemented
  • 87% of candidates responded to an interview invitation within 24 hours
  • 47% of candidates completed the interview after business hours or on the weekend

Virtual Career Fairs
This organization also engaged tech-savvy candidates by launching virtual career fairs. Interested candidates could learn about the organization, search for open opportunities, take a tour of a location, and even participate in an instant interview. These fairs delivered quick results while avoiding the usual time, travel and money required by in-person hiring events:

  • Candidates average over an hour of engagement in the platform
  • Average cost per hire of $36, compared to $477 with more common channels

Elevating for the Future
Competition for healthcare talent continues to grow as the aging workforce looks toward retirement and the rate of new talent entering these unique and important professions slows. Through its RPO partnership with Cielo, the organization is preparing for the future through several key initiatives.

Employer Value Proposition
Cielo’s Brand Team is providing consultation and creating a new plan to promote this organization as a leading employer to attract top talent.

The team’s accomplishments include:

  • Researching and building an employee value proposition (EVP) framework and messaging customized to speak to and engage each core talent segment
  • Launching a Talent Marketing Toolkit that includes messaging, recruitment advertising assets, hiring manager guidelines, and internal communications for existing employees to empower the entire organization to be brand advocates

Veteran Talent Attraction
The team has partnered with RallyPoint, the nation’s largest online military network, to collect more than 1 million unique visitors. This helps build a best-in-class veteran hiring initiative and fulfills a commitment to employing a diverse workforce.

University & High Potential Recruiting
Lab supervisors are retiring at such high rates that it will take more than internal moves to replace them. In response, Cielo and this organization are building a leadership development program, along with a new university and high potential recruiting strategy that will result in a sustainable pipeline of high-quality candidates.

Delivering Results
This strategic partnership has driven outstanding results and created clear alignment with business leaders. Designed to ensure a positive experience for both candidates and internal stakeholders, this RPO solution keeps talent acquisition a competitive advantage for the organization by allowing it the ability to innovate and prepare for the future:

  • Hiring managers rated the quality of their candidates up from 47% to 80%.
  • New hire satisfaction has increased from 80% to 94%.
  • Average time-to-fill has lowered to 27 days, in comparison to an average of 36 days, according to SHRM's 2017 benchmark data.
  • Hiring manager satisfaction has hit an all-time high of 90%, compared to the baseline of 66%.
  • In 2016, with process improvements and technology in reviewing resumes and interview screening – the talent acquisition team saved hiring managers over 16,500 hours, or almost five full-time staff.

A recruiting partnership built on a shared vision for change can transform your talent acquisition and improve results. Connect with us to discuss how to get started.