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Competing With the King of Technology Giants

For the last decade, Google has been the biggest threat for technology companies looking to acquire top talent. Its well-known campus perks, high salaries and opportunities to participate in world-changing projects have made the company nearly irresistible to some of technology’s best and brightest.

Everyone talks breathlessly about Google as a talent juggernaut. And everyone secretly hopes the organization will stay far away from their industry, fearing they will not be able to compete. But Google, and its newly formed parent company Alphabet, have tremendous ambitions that span far beyond the search engine realm.

Ambitions that include the Life Sciences.

In the journal Nature, Erika Hayden reports on the growing tendency of those in the Life Sciences industry to leave their positions and join Google. This trend involves more than just the rank and file. Prominent scientists and physicians are beginning to flock to the company in droves. Their reasoning, Hayden reports, is the opportunity to participate in projects where Life Sciences and technology intersect to affect change now.

Google is hunting for ways to apply technology in mental health, molecular biology and a host of other Life Sciences sectors. Although leading Life Sciences organizations are pursuing research here as well, Google is luring talent by offering higher salaries and the resources necessary to bring new innovations to life. Some of these projects have already produced results, such as contact lenses embedded with electronics that measure glucose levels.

Evening the Odds in the Hunt for Talent

Because Google is Google, it does not have to play by the same rules as the rest of us when it comes to finding the best talent. Sure, it must compete with the likes of Facebook and Apple, which are also organizations that Life Sciences companies should consider as potential threats to their talent pools. But for the most part, Google’s name alone adds tremendous weight when candidates are making a career decision. It is tough for any organization to compete.

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner can help you even the odds.

You do not have to be Google to gain the best Life Sciences talent.

You are not Google. And you should not have to be in order to work with the best Life Sciences talent. The tech space is not for everyone – so your top recruitment priority should be to show individuals why they would be better off working for you than venturing off to Silicon Valley. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partners can bolster your messaging to compete with the best, and speak directly to the candidates you want to attract.

An RPO partner will also free you up to focus on running your organization, as it will take on the responsibility of seeking out and attracting candidates. You should be the best at your Life Sciences business, not the best in the recruitment business. Leave talent acquisition to your RPO provider, or at least certain aspects of it. The right provider will bring a team of industry-savvy experts who can help you overcome talent shortages, avoid regulatory oversights and find the individuals who will fit your organization best.

You may not win every battle, but an RPO partner will help you stand toe to toe with an organization as powerful as Google and come out on top.

Learn about the different strategic RPO models to see how a Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner can help you find and keep the best Life Sciences talent.