By Eric Dunlap
Vice President, Client Services

I owe my career to a recruiter. And, chances are, so do you.

My story is like so many others: Coming out of my undergrad studies, I didn’t really have a specific career path and was just sort of finding my way through. But then I landed on the radar of a recruiter who saw in me skills and talents that I couldn’t see myself, and they set me on a trajectory that changed my life.

Celebrating Those Who Find Top Talent. Happy Global Talent Acquisition Day!

Recruiters, along with hiring managers, sourcers, employer brand managers and all other talent acquisition professionals, create these kinds of life-changing moments every day – matching people with the right opportunities, giving them the ability to support themselves and their family, and helping them grow.

That’s the power of talent acquisition, and why we at Cielo are so pleased to take part in Global TA·Day. It’s an occasion to recognize our colleagues and counterparts around the world both inside and outside our organization and the important work we do that impacts businesses and, yes, changes lives.

Here’s what we as talent acquisition professionals should do today: Take some time out of your day to tell your co-worker how much you appreciate them and their abilities. If your company has an internal recognition program, fill that sucker up with praise! If you need some other ideas, you can head over to where you’ll find templates for social media shoutouts (@GlobalTADay) and printable downloads you can share around the office.

Thank you to all the great talent acquisition professionals out there for using your own talents, being resilient, and pushing our industry forward. This is a day when we can all stand proud of the work we do, work that has touched many lives.

Global TA·Day is the brainchild of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) and KRT Marketing. ATAP provides a unifying voice and forum for those who work in talent acquisition to come together, learn from each other and advance the profession by building a common body of knowledge and ethics and establishing global standards. Cielo recently became ATAP’s first corporate RPO member.


Connect with Eric Dunlap on LinkedIn. Eric also serves on the Board of Directors for ATAP.