The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented and unpredictable impact on businesses, industries and economies.

From a global perspective, entire industries are being decimated while others are forced to pivot. Supply chains are shifting with a rise in insular post-crisis behaviors. And norms of a low touch economy will impact everything from human behaviors to industrial models.

This has caused disruption to human resources by increasing global unemployment rates whilst the supply of critical talent is decreasing. Organizations are enacting hiring freezes to respond and maintain cash strength. And many companies have shifted to remote working and a contact-less way of operating.

These demands on human resources have skyrocketed while resources capacity has declined. In this whitepaper, we’ve identified four common myths about how talent acquisition is affected by this economic crisis:

  • Myth #1: Rising unemployment means easier recruiting
  • Myth #2: Low attrition rates will continue
  • Myth #3: Candidate expectations are the same
  • Myth #4: Your current approach to D, E&I is acceptable

And we’ve explored how businesses need to learn and create responsive talent strategies to adapt to these changes.

Download the whitepaper to learn the reality for these four common myths and what actions you can take now to combat them.


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