When a large regional healthcare system chose to partner with Cielo, the goal was to use talent acquisition as a competitive advantage along their journey to market leadership. Nearly five years later, the partnership has matured to achieve this and more.

Since the partnership's inception the healthcare system has acheived consecutive rankings on the region's Best Places to Work list, their patient and physician satisfaction scores continue to increase year-over-year, and, more meaningfully, the community views the healthcare system as an invaluable member of the community framework.

After an assessment of its hiring practices, HR leadership decided to transform its approach to talent acquisition as a step on their path to market leadership. The organization recognized the competitive advantage that partnering with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider could bring, and the leaders chose Cielo to create a best-in-class, technology-enabled talent acquisition function.

The partnership began in 2008. The team worked closely to establish processes and procedures that leveraged best practices from within and outside of the healthcare industry.

The goals of the program were lofty:

  • Make the healthcare system the market leader
  • Achieve a Best Places To Work ranking
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Create an ideal candidate experience

An initial focus area for the program was to raise the perception of the HR team internally, positioning them as strategic consultants focused on retention, engagement, leadership development and other strategic HR objectives, and leaving recruitment and related activities to the experts on the dedicated Cielo recruitment team.

The team has leveraged a number of tactics to propel the health system ahead of their competition:

  • Innovative recruitment marketing plans for building candidate pipelines
  • Elevation of candidate experience for both external and internal applicants
  • New technologies to drive improved efficiency, consistency and communication
  • Consistent, organization-wide metrics for smarter decision-making
  • Enhanced processes for improved compliance
  • Focus on continuous improvement and shared learning

Since the partnership’s inception, the team has been tasked with such responsibilities as: meeting the start-up hiring requirements for a newly launched healthcare facility, a considerable surge in hiring demands when a new neuroscience area opened and the new hospital became a destination facility, a program expansion to hire for leadership positions, and other incremental enhancements.

For the healthcare system, the path to Best Places to Work started with the candidate, flowed through new-hire satisfaction and ended with right-fit, engaged employees. The real numbers tell the success of the partnership with Cielo:

  • Decrease in Cost-Per-Hire by 66%
  • Increase in Retention by 5 percentage points to 97%
  • Increase in Hiring Manager Satisfaction by more than 20 percentage points to 95%
  • Increase in Candidate Satisfaction by 17 percentage points to 95%
  • Lengthened the tenure of recruitment team members to 3 years

A recruiting partnership built on a shared vision for change can transform your talent acquisition and improve results. Connect with us to discuss how to get started.