The Quality of Hire Continuum is a map of the ways organizations measure their Quality of Hire.
It scales from “Most” to “Rare,” in order of the amount of organizations using each measurement. If your organization is measuring Quality of Hire, you might fit in multiple spots on the continuum – which is great! None of the methods are necessarily better than others. Each are valid, but you must decide which are achievable and deliver the most value for your organization.

Where does your organization fit on the Continuum?

Quality of Hire Continuum



Quality of Hire Continuum
Is your organization measuring Quality of Hire? How are you doing it, and how well is it working? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

For more information about measuring Quality of Hire, download the replay of our recent webinar on this topic. It covers the Continuum in full detail, the six Quality of Hire levers and more!

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Post contributed by Andrew Manning, Senior Vice President of Cielo. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.