Talent is an organization’s greatest asset. Services and business plans can be copied, but an organization’s people are distinct – a differentiator that can separate a company from its competition. Today, many leaders have come to understand the bottom-line impact of bringing in top talent, yet the challenge often lies in deciphering which approach to strategic talent acquisition is best for your organization.

“Strategic Guide to Talent Acquisition Models” delves deep into three different talent acquisition models – Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Hybrid RPO and In-house Recruitment – to describe the experiences of working with either an RPO partner or an in-house team.

An internal team, for instance, gives organizational leaders more control over accountability and mitigates concerns regarding internal turnover. It also ensures that corporate values and culture will be maintained during the talent acquisition process. Other benefits of an internal team include:

  • Being able to start immediately
  • Providing opportunities for employees to learn and develop their recruitment skills
  • Increased comfort level

Seeking an RPO partner can help organizations build upon the capabilities of an in-house team in order to provide optimized solutions for every partner. These enhanced offerings include:

  • Dedicated talent acquisition team who is 100% focused on finding the best people for your organization. No distractions.
  • Full support and accountability from your RPO partner – this includes cutting-edge technology, staff development and thought leadership, and transparency in reporting.
  • Stewards of your employer brand. With the right partner, RPO is a “we are in this together” process.
  • Transformational change and constant innovation. Your RPO partner is fully dedicated, transparent, accountable and communicative.

In the 21st century, organizations that seek to separate from their competition cannot afford to settle for how it has always been done. RPO solutions challenge the generic and actualize your desire for the very best talent acquisition processes and results.

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