Automation can increase candidate volume, reduce time to fill, reduce recruiting costs, improve candidate experience and more. Despite these benefits, many organizations still lag in using automation in their own recruitment processes like sourcing, screening and interview scheduling. It’s easy for talent leaders to let things like technical terminology, persistent vendors and the fear of the integration process get in the way of exploring solutions that could improve their effectiveness and results.

In this webinar, Adam Godson and Rebecca Volpano discuss how you can make sense of it all, explain how to smartly blend automation with personal interactions in your process, and give you tips for building a strong business case for you to take to your C-Suite.

Download this webinar replay to:

  • Understand what processes are ready for automation and which ones are not
  • Learn methods to quantify the impact of automating recruiting processes
  • Discover what technologies are ready for prime time and which ones are still more hype

Technology is only as valuable as the human experience it improves. Every move to automate or technologize processes should have the end goal of improving experiences. With the right approach to automation, you can improve both experiences for your team and your candidates and results to your organization.