In talent acquisition, change is the new normal. Reaching today’s candidates requires going beyond traditional one-size-fits-all approaches that only use a single communications channel to target people who are actively looking for jobs.

New recruitment technology, a shifting economy where workers demand more flexibility, and more detailed metrics have made it necessary to step up our game when it comes to generating candidates. It requires leveraging parts of the business, like employer branding, recruitment marketing and sourcing, that give us more effective ways to reach people where they are and when they want. But having these tools isn’t enough. You need to know how best to use them.

In this webinar replay, you’ll hear from experts in employer branding, recruitment marketing and sourcing, who will help you:

  • Learn why a blended, tech-enabled approach to candidate generation is outpacing siloed functions
  • Understand how to measure candidate generation success beyond just the obvious metrics
  • Learn about hot trends such as programmatic advertising, crowdsourced sourcing and talent attraction

The talent landscape is bound to keep changing. Mastering these techniques can keep you on solid ground, able to consistently supply your organization with high-quality candidates.