Hourly workers serve as the backbone of many businesses, playing critical roles in customer experience and overall financial performance. Low unemployment rates increase the demand for – and decrease the supply of – members of this important talent segment. This highly competitive market challenges organizations to create an effective process to recruit and hire hourly talent. Where a singular approach used to work, a customized high-volume hiring solution that considers the motivations and preferences of hourly workers is now necessary.

To help you reflect on your current approach to hourly hiring and identify ways to improve it, we’ve compiled insights and best practices based on our own experience building High Volume RPO solutions for organizations and data from a recent survey of talent acquisition leaders and recent job candidates. “Customizing the Recruiting Process for Hourly Talent” includes recommendations to help you discover the right hourly talent acquisition strategy moving forward.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Four core problems of hiring approaches that lack a unique candidate experience
  • Top reasons why hourly talent accept new positions and how their priorities differ from salaried employees
  • Five tips to improve your hiring process for hourly workers and help you reach the best outcomes