Global shifts in talent (multigenerational workers), economic power (West to East) and technology (automation) have forced business to adapt to a new world. A key component to success going forward will be realizing the benefits brought by RPO 3.0, which builds upon the first generations of RPO and adds more long-term, strategic value

In this webinar replay, Cielo’s Angela Hills, Chief Revenue Officer, and Paula Parfitt, Senior Vice President, presented a full rundown of RPO 3.0 and the new value proposition it brings.


  • The global shifts (Demographic, Economic, Technological and Behavioral) and their impact on the workforce Imperatives for HR, especially the talent acquisition organization
  • The emergence of RPO 3.0 and how it differs from the earlier generations of RPO in terms of objectives and benefits, the scope, and technology leverage
  • Challenges and best practices in realizing RPO 3.0

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