Today’s talent acquisition professionals have many responsibilities to juggle, including scheduling interviews, screening applications, answering questions, and other time-consuming administrative work. To overcome these challenges, organizations are turning to conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology which performs a series of multi-turn conversations and executes judgment intensive tasks similar to humans through historical data. Using conversational AI in recruiting can aid in prescreening candidates, making job recommendations, scheduling interviews, providing information to candidates and more. This frees up time for recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers to connect with candidates, improves the candidate experience, and ultimately supports a more strategic TA function.

With numerous solutions now available, it is imperative to understand the various capabilities they offer and how they may best augment talent acquisition at your organization. To help talent leaders navigate the vendor market and make the right decision, we present our Conversational AI Capabilities Guide. You will learn about:

  • The TA benefits conversational AI solutions can offer
  • Conversational AI capability definitions
  • Six major providers and their capabilities
  • Recruiting chatbots and their purpose

An efficient, streamlined recruitment process is critical in today’s competitive talent market. Download our guide to find a vendor that supports your team’s needs and drives better outcomes.


To help recruitment leaders recognize the wide variety of video assessments available and the proficiencies they test, and the leading vendors in the marketplace who offer them, Cielo presents our Video Assessment Technology Capability Guide.

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