In an interview with TODAY, Kumar Bhaya, Vice President, Client Solutions Asia Pacific, highlighted the impact of the recent rule change for Dependant’s Pass holders to work in Singapore and how it’s an opportunity for companies to review their talent acquisition strategies and employer value proposition to attract the right talent.

Previously, Dependant’s Pass holders could work with a ‘Letter of Consent’ from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), but with the current rule change, they would require a work pass.

From the article:

“Mr Kumar Bhaya, vice president (client solutions Asia Pacific) of talent acquisition consultancy Cielo, said the rule change did not come as a surprise since MOM has raised the requirements for both S-Pass and Employment Pass holders in order to strengthen the Singaporean core.

Businesses will need to adopt hiring strategies to look at a wider pool of candidates, and may need to review its “value proposition” to attract the right talent, he said. The business impact, however, may not be widespread since LOC holders make up around 1 per cent of all pass holders, he noted.

Nevertheless, MOM’s policy change opens up opportunities to consider internal mobility and promotion opportunities to train Singaporean talent to take on new roles previously delivered by DP holders, he said.”

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