2023 was a year of reinvention.

The needs of talent continued to evolve across all industries, calling for new ways to meet the moment and ensure client success. With our future-focused growth strategy and expanded services to support global businesses – that’s exactly what we did. Leading technologies, game-changing products and innovations are helping our clients remain resilient as we work together to illuminate talent everywhere.

“We embraced a year of changes, hurdles and innovation, and I’m incredibly proud of Cielo’s achievements alongside our clients. No matter the market, our guiding light remains: creating access to opportunity for talent worldwide. Looking ahead, I’m energized by the great strides we’re making that’ll define the next era of talent acquisition,” says Marissa Geist, CEO.

Empowering our people

A human-first focus anchors everything we do. To celebrate all the ways our people make great talent experiences happen, we gave them new ways to shine:

Creating their own future

We put the spotlight on skills by offering courses through our market-leading partners like LinkedIn, SocialTalent, and Country Navigator to help our people grow personally and professionally. Employees can also more easily explore and connect with opportunities using Cielo’s enhanced internal career site. Our internal mobility practices give people the opportunity to develop their career through lateral and upward paths – and with more than 300 internal career moves or promotions this year, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

Recognizing their achievements

In addition to our annual awards that honor the exceptional work of our colleagues worldwide, a new milestone recognition program was implemented to reward tenure. The program highlights their achievements and gives them an opportunity to do something away from work related to self-care, connection, social responsibility or whatever the individual wants to prioritize for their own well-being.

Amplifying their voices worldwide

We continue to amplify the voices of our employees, offering opportunities to engage with the executive team and each other – because connection and a continuous flow of feedback are crucial to enhancing the employee experience. The added compliance hotline provides a safe space for employees to ask questions and report incidents, so everyone is living Cielo’s values and making sure the workplace is inclusive. With our newly opened offices in London, England and Gurugram, India, there’s even more opportunity to connect and create brilliant ideas together.

Celebrating Cielo’s culture

Our commitment to fostering positive employee experiences earned us these accolades from employer recognition organizations:


“I’m incredibly proud of Cielo’s achievements alongside our clients. No matter the market, our guiding light remains: creating access to opportunity for talent worldwide.”

– Marissa Geist, CEO


Unlocking inspiring talent outcomes

Companies continued to see incredible results with Cielo’s proven talent acquisition solutions. To further enhance clients’ business strategies, TA leaders now have more choices with our expanded offerings: whether they want a transformational RPO partnership or flexible solutions to add where and when they want.

TA Optimizers™

Hiring teams wanted more flexibility and choice – and we delivered. With the launch of TA Optimizers in June, clients gained the ability to augment any part of their hiring process without the full-scale handover of traditional outsourcing. Its modular approach lets companies choose from a range of plug-and-play services to get exactly what they need to scale and stay agile in an evolving, unpredictable world.


Clients need to find visionary leaders fast, so we evolved our Search services to include Executive Search, Executive Search Outsourcing, Project Search, and Research & Insight. With our consultative and transparent support, clients can fill leadership and niche roles no matter the hiring timeline or scale for greater flexibility to meet their business goals.


Pressing HR challenges in an ever-changing landscape? We’re here to light the way. Companies across the globe are benefitting from our expanding scope of Consulting services, helping to transform talent strategies, revitalize employer brands, and give companies the insights needed to excel. From navigating HR technologies to building impactful DEI programs, our industry-leading consultants have the right experience and insights to deliver results.

Digital Accelerators™

Clients can now put the power of AI in their recruiters’ hands with Digital Accelerators, our cutting-edge tools that support and enhance in-house TA processes. Digital Accelerators launched in November with Cielo Search & Engage, delivering qualified talent to recruiting teams and the personalized experience candidates crave. Stay tuned through 2024 for additional intelligent tools that eliminate more of hiring’s biggest pain points.

The most-awarded TA partner

When our clients win, we win. In 2023, we continued to be recognized by analysts as a top global performer in the talent acquisition industry. Here’s where our energizing partnerships took us:

Cielo remains dedicated to delivering innovative talent solutions to companies worldwide and across a range of industries. As true partners, we adopt our client’s culture, brand and values to create authentic candidate experiences.

We look forward to another year of invention, evolution and creating better talent experiences for all.