There are many approaches to leveraging your employer brand, whether you are building it from scratch or are already well-established and just looking to enhance your reach.

For those at the beginning stages, it’s best to adopt a holistic view and take these steps:

Make your story and employee value proposition (EVP) compelling. Determine what’s most exciting about your vision and how to answer, “What’s in it for me?” for each talent group. Be rigorous in defining what really matters to them.

Communicate with clarity and consistency. Your website, social media, advertising and intranet all need to be fully aligned and integrated. This doesn’t mean you can’t still leave room for nuanced strategies in certain channels, but the overall message should present a united front.

Bring the experience to life. Use imaginative videos, employee stories, corporate social responsibility (CSR) soundbites, interviews, imagery and job details (benefits, etc.). This will help keep talent engaged and let candidates visualize themselves working for you.

If you have a strong brand infrastructure and are now focused on boosting talent attraction, you need to get great at building relationships with candidates. At Cielo, we favor a high-tech, high-touch approach:

Plot and personalize the candidate experience. Automation and simplification gives a consumer-grade experience and drives conversion. For one client, we reduced the time to apply online from 30 minutes to just three clicks. Dropout tumbled 700%.

Work with data that matters. Smart tech tells you which ads drive the most traffic, where dropout occurs, and which candidates are most likely to convert based on their behavior. With this information, you can make smarter decisions about media investment and process enhancement.

World Employer Brand Day 2017


This post was contributed by Dawn Hollingworth, Cielo’s Director of Brand Strategy & Creative Services. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.