Change will come to your team or organization whether you’re ready for it or not. Making sure you are prepared to handle technology implementations for Workday, ATS, or CRMs, changes in process (e.g., how you do assessments), a merger/acquisition, new organizational leadership, or other disruptive situations is essential to keeping everyone moving forward together to reach your goals.

In this webinar replay, Erin Perry, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Solution Design & Implementation, shares clear, common sense ways to facilitate change management in talent acquisition functions that take the whole process into account and address the needs and concerns of everyone involved. Erin is joined by special guest Stephanie Hunter, Director – Recruiting Services, Walmart, who managed changing from an internally supported and decentralized talent acquisition model at Walmart to a hybrid model with a partner.

Download this webinar replay to learn:

  • Effective and efficient tools to enable change and make change stay
  • Which critical points you need to monitor, and how often
  • Strategies of talent acquisition teams who successfully handle change management

Change is never easy, but the right approach can help make the path to success much smoother.