By Josh Warren
Service Delivery, Client Services at Société Générale

Historically, the UK financial services sector has relied on talent sourced throughout Europe. However, since Brexit, the process of hiring from within the EU has become more complicated, leading many to ask whether focus should shift to home grown talent.   

In an article for Business Leader, Josh Warren, Service Delivery, Client Services at Société Générale, outlines some of the key considerations for organisations in the sector.  

Attractive talent can be sourced and approached in much the same way as pre-Brexit, but visa processing times of up to 3 months, and per-hire costs of up to £10k may lead to a widespread reappraisal of Eurocentric hiring strategies.  

London will, of course, remain a substantial financial hub – though one more comparable to New York or Singapore - and organisations within it will still hire from the EU, but what is likely to emerge is an emphasis on local talent pools where possible – especially when building early career talent pipelines.  

This shift certainly presents a challenge, but it also provides a unique opportunity to reset hiring processes, re-invigorate commitment to social mobility and re-energise diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging programmes that can help organisations build and retain diverse teams. 

You can read Josh’s full article by visiting here.