Cover page of Building Resilience and Engagement for What Comes Next in HealthcareThe healthcare workforce has exhibited amazing bravery and dedication throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but we know this latest wave of sickness is taking an even larger toll on their emotional and physical health. So, we have been working to capture what else can be done to help everyone get through the next six months and on to better days. Our research and interviews with healthcare professionals yielded some new ideas to help build resilience and employee engagement in the healthcare workforce, and some reminders of what matters most to the recruiting and retention of our healthcare professionals, administrative and support staff.

We recognize that your leadership, HR and communications teams have had a Herculean task to adjust to your COVID-19 reality, flex your workforce, change your operations, manage financial and logistical obstacles, and try to keep all of your people engaged. Now, it is time to prepare for what is next.

Read the full report to discover nine ways to build resilience and engagement in your healthcare workforce for the next phase of the pandemic and beyond.

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