Selecting your ideal candidate and offering them the job is a great feeling and can make the end of the recruiting process seem close – but important work remains to conclude the process efficiently and effectively. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the global hiring market, it provides an opportunity to rethink each step in the recruiting and hiring process, especially the selection and offer phase. An easy process can set you apart and help convince candidates to join your organization. With an agile approach to candidate selection and offer, you can effectively fill openings for your critical talent now – and improve your ability to compete for talent needed for sustained future success.

The fourth chapter in our exclusive, six-part series produced with globally known analyst Josh Bersin and featuring insights from TA leaders, “Guide to the Future of Talent Acquisition” explores the elements of a strong process for candidate selection and offer. It will help you evaluate and earn new employees by sharpening your focus on experience and efficiency.

Download “Winning Top Talent with Your Selection and Offer Strategy” to discover:

  • The keys to selection and offer, including what’s involved in this phase, important roles and responsibilities, best practices and how to measure success
  • How COVID-19 is impacting the selection and offer process and recommendations to lead the way with updated practices
  • A case study showcasing how speed and agility in interviewing and offers have enabled an organization to capture more talent in a competitive field