First impressions are everything – the initial interactions between your organization and potential candidates set the foundation for the rest of the recruiting process and their perception of your company. Getting the first impression right can develop a healthy volume of interested candidates and help move those candidates to apply. To build an effective candidate generation strategy, TA leaders need to understand how branding, sourcing and technology come together to shape the right message.

The second resource in our exclusive six-part series produced with globally known analyst Josh Bersin and featuring insights from TA leaders, "Guide to the Future of Talent Acquisition," focuses on how to help you move beyond traditional approaches to candidate-generation to rethink your recruiting messages and methods. It explores the strategies you need to grow your pipeline of interested candidates and then get them to apply.

Contributor, Jim D’Amico, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Celanese, shared his thoughts: "This piece will help TA leaders add value to their organizations. It’s actionable, and correlating metrics with key stages in the candidate generation process will help people home in on what matters."

Download "Beyond Sourcing: Candidate Generation for Talent Acquisition" to learn:

  • How the three components of candidate generation work together to attract and engage prospective employees
  • Key questions you can use today to evaluate your current approach to building candidate pools
  • Best practices from leading candidate generation programs, including three case studies of organizations at the forefront