ASM is a dynamic and growing company focused on driving innovation by delivering breakthrough technologies to the world’s top semiconductor device manufacturers. ASM’s people are at the heart of this innovation and core to how the company believes they will succeed in taking on larger brands. ASM need true innovators, able to deliver excellence – in a highly competitive market.

The Challenge
With big competitors in the semiconductor industry, ASM recognised the need for a strong and compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in line with its ambitions. ASM partnered with Cielo to help them define this.

Key to meeting bold growth targets is owning a highly differentiated and attractive proposition to engage the essential quality and volume of candidates, as well as ensuring that current employees recognise what they stand for as an employer of choice in the market.

Our objective was therefore to develop an EVP framework to guide communications and interactions with candidates and employees, whilst ensuring a consistent experience globally and locally. To do this we used our Talent Magnetism model to deliver an employer brand with a real and lasting effect.

The Solution
To capture the true essence of working at ASM, we gathered research and insight from over 100+ ASM employees situated in 6 locations across the globe. The global research programme included qualitative 1-2-1 interviews, online surveys and digital desk research, followed up by a validation process across different talent segments and locations. From our discovery, we developed an insight report, a creative concept, and a Global Employer Branding Toolkit.

One key consideration was the need for the EVP to be globally consistent but locally relevant. We ensured participation and engagement from stakeholders across all operating territories at all touchpoints. Insight and research were tailored to different markets, and research sessions were delivered in local languages.

Because of ASM’s global presence, it made sense to house the Employer Branding Site online. We used Frontify, an all-in-one brand management platform, to build out a password protected site dedicated to ASM’s entire Employer Brand, covering their core brand themes, EVP, Tone of Voice, and Brand Campaign Assets.

The Results
We delivered the EVP through 4 training sessions globally, guiding users through the newly defined proposition, the toolkit and the Employer Branding Site in Frontify. Equipping users with all Employer branding information and the tools required to produce content for their specific hiring needs.

The extremely user-friendly site was well received and gave ASM a centralised location for their most up-to-date Employer Brand assets for global users to access 24/7. To date we have seen the following key metrics with the EVP continuing to be included across all initiatives related to talent attraction and ASM culture moving forward:

  • ASM’s workforce grew by 10% YoY – double the previous year’s growth.
  • Retention has increased by 7.2% and cost-per-hire dropped by 18%.
  • In 2020 76% of leavers said they would recommend ASM as a good place to work as compared to 51% in 2019.
  • Voluntary attrition rate has dropped from 8.7% to 8.3%.
  • The Glassdoor company rating has increased from 3.17 to 3.25.
  • The EVP has been embedded in Managers training for retention and talent attraction with more than two third of Managers being trained across the organisation.

‘The Power of an Open Mind has been a great USP for us at ASM, recognised at all levels of the company, including the Board members! It embraces our diverse population, our thirst for innovation and that we need great minds to achieve our ambitions for the future. The journey has just started and I believe there are lots more benefits to harness from this concept.’

- Carlos Torres, ASM Talent Management Director

‘It’s been a privilege to partner with ASM at such a critical juncture of their growth. The business story, culture and leadership vision has ensured that the program approach, solution and outcomes are a benchmark for how employer branding can and should be done.’

- Andy Curlewis, Cielo Senior Vice President - Brand, Digital & Communications